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Fresh short hair braided hair tutorial

On their face have absolute confidence in the sister paper who dare to tie on a type of temperament hair without bangs it? Here is the official website of Brazilian Hair recommended for everyone a short braided hair tutorial hair bangs, side bangs braids braided hair and fluffy side of modeling not only highlights the freshness girls, but also full of a sense of vitality Oh, sister paper of interest they do not prevent to learn.

A very chic bangs side of virgin brazilian hair, heavy bangs all gone, into the very texture of the tails child, side bar made even more fresh, want to learn? Sweet braided super-simple step illustrations, quickly followed by a small Do it edited together.
Tie hair tutorial: step1: Remove the long bangs forehead along the arc. step2: this bundle bangs woven into loose tails, hair tail hair with black straps. step3: After fixing the tail with a hair band, took out a black hair clip, the other into the ear hair tail hair fixed. This is the preliminary results bangs braided hair, and if you do not want to tie up all the hair, so the child is also very sweet and fresh.
step4: Do not put all the hair back of the head to the left, with black hair clip hair grip from the bottom up, fixed shape. Note reference to the right of the hairpin effect oh. step5: take out a bunch of hair wrapped around the left side of the head, with black hair hairpin do not carry fixed, this step is to make a fluffy braided hair effect. step6: Finally put Bauhinia shaped pearl hair bands, the whole bangs braided hair to complete it. Thick bangs were on the whole disk, exposing smooth forehead, the side of the hair on one side there is an asymmetrical beauty, tails is very rough texture. This article comes from:
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