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Waiters is shockingly the second-best

they were a miracle. But Riley knows there are other paths to a quick rebuild that don’t involve pulling off the basketball coup of the century. NBA Live Coins He tells on himself in that interview last week. He acknowledges that he missed on Westbrook in ‘08. It worked out because of Bosh and LeBron, but he still knows that draft was a missed opportunity.

You get the sense — as much as one can reading tea leaves — that he wants another crack, that he won’t make the same mistake again.The obvious play NBA Live Mobile Coins is to trade Dragic, who at age 30 is obviously not a featured player on the next great Heat team. Dragic also happens to be propping up Miami’s win total as the only true point guard on the roster. Johnson is a hybrid who skews heavily toward the two-guard side; Waiters is shockingly the second-best

passer on the team. Trading Dragic and starting Johnson at the point guard would make the Heat worse while helping test Johnson’s limits and stretch him. Win-win at this point.McRoberts is also expendable, especially considering he has a fat $6 million player option for next season. Dragic can surely pull a first-round pick and perhaps a decent prospect on top of that; McRoberts might be worth a conditional future first. But Riley could be willing to take a haircut on either, since losing them will help the WELCOME TO
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