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but not from that far away just

he can turn a breakaway dunk into a phenomenon. He could take one more step, but he chooses to take off one foot in front the free-throw line Madden NFL 18 Coins and then float to the rim, as if he always meant to fly and running on the ground is therefore oppressive. It looks like an ordinary dunk at first glance. There’s not much creativity to it

nor did he attempt to twist and turn for style points. Only by watching the replay do we realize where he took off from and how silly it is that a human being can realistically leap from just inside the free-throw line and score with Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins that much ease. All of his highlights are like this. They are normal acts performed with an audacious twist that may require a second look. Other players dunk on breakaways, but not from that far away just

because he can.Giannis is slowly learning that he can and should do anything he wants on the court. Jason Kidd supposedly banned him from shooting threes in his second season, and he argued against it. He knew that he could shoot them, but wasn’t ready to let it fly no matter what. But now, after working so hard on that skill, he’s confident enough to shoot them without hesitation, even in transition. WELCOME TO
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