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Ambrose cool handsome Brazilian Hair hairstyle, show sportsman charm

Recently, Xu Shao Yang and Angela’s affair became public hotspot, idol Prince Ambrose renamed Xu Shao Yang, transformation producer Choupai “Goodbye Lavender”, the new blockbuster also exposed, Xu Shao Yang dressed in a stylish dark blue coat, golden airplane hair type, face solemn and handsome , gestures exudes sophisticated elegance gentleman charm. Today, Brazilian Hair official website Xiaobian inventory of several Xu Shao Yang classic hairstyle.
Years in Transition, Xu Shao Yang more mature male has a sense of joy, blonde suction eye shape, Liu Tuo up sweater outfit, an art Fan leisure male god temperament. Although quiet for a long time, will enter the fourth decade of Xu Shao Yang, more handsome and athletic, bangs hold up to create a fascinating aircraft head, revealing his forehead, assertive, wearing glasses, refined elegance.

Melancholy temperament male god outbreak, fluffy body wave hair, dyed blond Japanese, and catch the styling, perfect side Yen, full of mass destruction. Giving her a cool head, saying aircraft Xu Shao Yang, you wink sell Meng really okay? Blonde hair, glasses, fashion, tidal flavor. Bangs down is still the sunshine prince, repair Yan hair, simple denim shirt, simple and handsome.
Brown hair color highlights the sense of extravagance, sportsman oblique punk hairstyle, unique gentleman, a white suit, “Idol Prince” captured the hearts of all beings unique attractive qualities. Ambrose action tough, back hair type is simple and capable, yet elegant and handsome, filling its unique charm sportsman. Xu Shao Yang attended the event, fluffy airplane head shape, broken hair cool handsome type, blue windbreaker, highlighting demeanor. This article comes from:
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