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Pear head cute girls preferred hairstyle

Pear head has been synonymous with fresh and sweet, and if looks lovely girl, then pear head hair is easy to do, and today the official website of Brazilian Hair came several fresh sweet pear head, mm hurry to pick a favorite it .
Carve bangs highlights delicate facial features, with brown hair fashion natural, irregular shape adds volume distributed to the entire sense of the unique temperament, large face mm try this hairstyle, very thin face effect. First, the hair would make an impact, with fair skin, and instantly create a pure sweet appearance, oblique bangs highlights the aura full of eyes, very Xiu Yan effect. This short section of the pear head looked very fresh, oblique bangs with the buckle of the tail, and instantly create the perfect face, stylish hair to bring out the skin’s white, very suitable for a round face sister pear head.

Lightweight virgin brazilian hair not only modified face, while emitting a beautiful and moving atmosphere, the buckle curls look very feminine, with brown hair adds a lot of fashion elements. Liu Qi on the eyebrow design is very stay Meng, with brown hair, not only fashion, but likeability instant surge, if it is a round of mm, it is even more lovely. Oblique bangs always exudes a sense of temperament,, also repair Yan’s best helper, the buckle with brown hair curls seem more pure and lovely, giving the feeling I still see the pity.
Air bangs design is fresh and sweet, the buckle is in the hair exudes a unique sense of temperament, but can easily be modified to face, giving a feeling of cute, adorable sister is the best choice Oh. Air bangs modified face, the tail becomes very hot personality, with dark hair and instantly highlights the fresh and lovely feeling, with a stylish hat, even more temperament. Thick oblique bangs easily create a delicate little face, relaxed highlights pure sweet temperament, the buckle of the tail with brown hair is not only stylish, but also fresh and sweet-degree instant upgrade. This article comes from:
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