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Carved hair fashion show female Wangfeng Fan

Face is not very fine girl, try carved hair, not only to perfect repair Yan, and be able to build a unique sense of temperament, the official website of the Brazilian Hair today to several carved hair, like mm also take a look at bar.
Curls temperament will carve fleshy face obscured, and sketched out a oval face, brown hair is not only fashionable but also beautiful and full of the casual side of the hair behind the ear tuck into a full women charming temperament. The carved spiral curls, feminine look, not only can easily reach a face-lift effect, and create a unique temperament charm, with reddish brown hair, but adds a lot to the whole shape of fashion sense. The carve a big wave of hair, it is full of personality, but also a perfect moment modified face, stylish hair dyeing to add a whole lot of features, very light Mature carve a hairstyle.

Pure black virgin hair with carved not only elegant retro feel, and look very feminine, but also exudes a feminine atmosphere, repair Yan is also very effective. Carve the hair with the buckle of the tail, not only repair Yan victory, but seemed fresh and sweet, with a stylish hair, the more elegant and refined, very temperament of a hairstyle. The long straight people carve issued a classic soft feel, not only repair Yan, and outstanding temperament, this long straight hair looks fresh and clean, it is very pure and sweet, very suitable for campus sister.
Carve short hair full of personality, not just the tail eversion great temperament, and very stylish, with a cloth belt hoop, and instantly exudes a fresh, sweet flavor. Side divided equally short hair is the best weapon repair Yan, the buckle of the tail show women intellectual beauty, brown hair fashion and generous, very suitable for OL are a mature hairstyle. Carved curls slightly fluffy playful sense, but repair Yan works well, messy hair wrapped around the face, modified a charming little V face, reddish brown hair fashion fresh. This article comes from:
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